18 Wheeler Financing For Bad Credit


Financing can be difficult to get for truckers with bad credit. People who haven’t had time to build up a credit history, or perhaps simply prefer to pay in cash hit a wall with 18 wheeler financing. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • People need financing to purchase an 18 wheeler
  • People without credit have a hard time getting financing
  • People lack good collateral to use for 18 wheeler financing

These reasons and more create obstacles that can make it very difficult for people to getting this type of financing. Whether you want it or not, sometimes it is necessary because of the extremely high initial cost of purchasing an 18 wheeler.

18WheelerFinancing.com Eases The Pain Of Semi Truck Financing

The way we handle business makes this process different for you. Because we, as supporters of OOIDA, really want to help you out in the industry, we are willing to help you in ways other companies cannot.

We are highly experienced in dealing with people with lower credit scores and we understand that low credit score does not mean high risk; It just means that you need a chance to prove yourself. Through the last ten years, we have given financing to many truck drivers with little to no credit and helped them become successful drivers on the road.

Truckers are in a unique position with their jobs. This is because without a truck, it is very difficult to make a living. This can become an almost impossible problem to resolve. Because of this, we have no minimum credit score to be eligible for 18 wheeler financing from us. We want you to have an opportunity to create a cash flow through driving. This insures that we get a return on our investment, and you get to make a living that you want.

You should realize we want you to be successful. We are successful through helping people like yourself and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to prove it. Our application process is simple and will get you moving in no time. You simply need to fill out our easy-to-use online application; You may also simply call us and apply that way. We want your business in whatever way you are most comfortable. Keep in mind we do our best to say yes to you and will look for any solution we can in any possible problems.